Diploma Gerrit Rietveld Academie

These images are examples of the Diploma Akzidenz type specimen. I have a fascination on how different tools can influence the shaping op a typeface. Every tool has it’s influence on how characters are formed. Think for example of calligraphy or stencil-type. Digital tools, such as filters, also have an influence on typography. That’s how the diploma Akzidenz arose. An in between shape of the clear Akzidenz Grotesk and the excessive calligraphic visual interpretation of security paper and certificates. The loops generated by the tool react on the form of the character. This method has a totaly different impact on each size and variation of the character. This is how the official diplomas and communication around “Gra-Prijs” (Gerrit Rietveld Prize) have been designed. On the diploma the contra shape of this type has been used. This typographic layer was printed over with information from the administration office. Besides the diplomas and the GRA price a character specimen was made which showed the different possibilities of this “type”. Each page shows the variable possibilities of the font. For example: fat to light, exact to messy, or readable to illegible. On each page stands a different definition of the word diploma.